Member for Mbaitoli-Ikeduru Federal Constituency, Hon. Henry Nwawuba, has said that his victory in 2023 general election will be to the advantage of the people of the federal constituency.
He, therefore advised the electorate to rely on individual’s track records to vote and not sell their conscience and suffer for four years.
Nwawuba who is presently, the Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Legislative Agenda also averred that a good politician relies on the party to get a ticket, then the electorate to win an election.
He boasted to be the most honest, truest and best candidate among those jostling for the position.
Nwawuba, who is seeking reelection on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, prided himself as a unity candidate, while relishing the overwhelming support he enjoys across party lines.
The federal lawmaker agreed that bad governance has taught everyone a bitter lesson, and believed that money will not be a determinant factor in the coming election.
“People now want genuine leaders, not 419ers. Money will play a role but I don’t see it being the determinant factor”, Nwawuba submitted, while promising a lot in store for MBAIKE people.
Whilst lamenting the deplorable condition of roads in MBAIKE and the staggering number of jobless graduates from the area, Nwawuba vowed to make things right when reelected and pledged to initiate a mechanism that will enable him directly feel the pulse of his constituents.

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