The recent attack on EFAB Queens Estate, Gwarinpa, Abuja by gunmen who are  suspected to be Fulani herdsmen appeared to be targeted at some residents in the area for reasons yet to be known to the media as at press time.

After the horrible attack on the estate by the gunmen precisely on Monday 6th of June, 2022, there were suspicious moves a few days after the incident which somehow indicated there were plots to either abduct or kill the targeted residents.

The attacks, according to the estate sources were usually carried out at nights and at their targets.

One of them, whose name was given as James Mgbataogu was said to have narrowly escaped from his residence though badly injured in the process. 

Another, whose name was given as Jude Ogohehe was also said to have scampered away from his own apartment with wounds at about the same period.

They were reported to be rushed to different hospitals.

What could be said to raise the suspicion that the gunmen might have them and a few others as their targets was the choice of their apartments by the suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The uncertainty resulting from such clandestine moves of the gunmen according to sources, might have given rise to the abandonment of their apartments.

Further investigations revealed that one of those targeted residents named James aged 41, is a farmer cum business man based in Abuja while the other, named Jude, aged 38 is an employee in a private firm in Abuja.

Meanwhile, there is palpable fear in the entire estate as they call on government to come to their rescue.

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