Five family members were murdered in a traffic accident on Christmas Eve, and their funeral was held side by side next to each other, causing others to shed tears of sorrow as they were placed next to one other.

A traffic tragedy claimed the lives of the family of seven on December 25, 2021. The road tragedy claimed the lives of five members of the family, including the father, mother, and their three children. Only two of their children survived the disaster, both of whom suffered terrible injuries and were confined to a wheelchair while attending their family’s burial.

They were put to rest yesterday, on January 7th, 2022. A screenshot of their funeral was circulated on social media. Many onlookers were taken aback and moved by the represented family, which was adorned in vivid African garment patterns from father to son from start to finish.

Veronica Bundi and her three kids were the final members of Robert Bundi’s family to perish in a street accident slaughter on Saturday, December 25th. Marion was the couple’s first child, while Natalia and Claire were their second and fourth children, respectively.

Prior to their deaths, the couple had a total of five children. It is just a few years after the birth of the two children (the third and fifth born) who are still living. They were laid to rest today. I’m in a terrible state of mind. May their spirits find eternal rest. If you’re not the cold-blooded kind, feel sorry for the deceased’s family.


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