The Southeast Zonal Chapter of the Electricity Consumers of Nigeria (ECAN) has criticised those it described as mortal enemies of the geopolitical zone for “working against the takeoff of the Geometric Power plant in the Osisioma Industrial Estate in Aba which will enable Aba Power, Nigeria’s newest distribution company, to supply quality and uninterrupted electricity to nine of the 17 local government areas in Abia State that the power utility services”.

In a statement in Enugu today, the ECAN Southeast chairman, Engineer Joseph Ubani, and the secretary, Comrade Chris Okpara, said that “the forces against Southeast progress went to work immediately the media published that Geometric Power, the largest investment in the Southeast, is about to be commissioned”.

The association accused the anti-Southeast forces of using a group of pipsqueaks to spread negative rumours about the utility on the social media “where there are no editors or gatekeepers to verify all manner of claims and allegations”.

ECAN explained that once the Geometric Power plant is commissioned, Aba and environs would enjoy reliable and stable power more than any other city in Nigeria.

“In the transition period to constant electricity”, it added, “the integrated power group would, however, continue to import power from such generation firms as the Niger Delta Power Holding Company of Nigeria (NDPHCN).

“This means that power supply can’t be satisfactory because generation companies are faced with acute natural gas shortages.

“What is more, the transmission network is old, poorly maintained and therefore fragile. It collapses easily at the drop of a hat like when there is an attempt to add over 4,500 megawatts to the sole national grid”.

The electricity consumers wondered why the “the furtive saboteurs against the Southeast would seek to create the impression that electricity supply in the country is impressive except in the Aba ringed-fence area whereas the situation in Aba is better than in most parts of the country despite the fact that the NDPHCN supplies the area, which needs 100MW, with only 25MW”.

Describing the $800m Geometric Power as far the biggest investment in the Southeast, ECAN assured Nigerians that the electricity utility will be commissioned in spite of the activity of those it called naysayers and malcontents.

“We are satisfied”, it declared, ” that Geometric Power has installed the best electricity infrastructure in the world in Aba to change the Abia socioeconomic landscape”.

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