By Kachy Madukaego

Isaac Chinagorom aka Mr wooden legs is a native of Umuozu autonomous community in Nwangele local government area of Imo state who rose to the peak of his career as a creative dancer after he represented Nigeria in World Disco Dance Competition at Cardiff London in 1984 .

39 years after, Mr Isaac Chinagorom is still wallowing in the memories and dreams of getting a well deserved accolade and recognition from the Nigerian government as a patriotic citizen who represented his country in a fierce competition where over 600 other countries participated.

In an exclusive interview with the creative dance guru Mr Isaac Chinagorom who has now retired to his country home, narrated his ordeal after so many years of touring the world and his attempt to ensure that reward for hard work does not go down the drain, as well nurture upcoming talents.

According to him, “in 1984 during the regime of Muhammad Buhari and Tunde Idiagbon I represented Nigeria in the world most keenly contested dance competition, I recall that before my departure to London the vice president Tunde Idiagbon invited me to Dodan barrack, while he was admonishing me to be a good ambassador of the country, he promised me that if I return home with the trophy i will be rewarded with a house in Festac and vehicle but unfortunately they left the seat shortly after, I prayed to God for intervention, Luckily Muhammad Buhari came back again as a president, I was hoping that he will fulfil the promise but he still could not do anything throughout his eight years administration, even though my country Nigeria did not want to do anything, what about my state where I come from? Am supposed to be recognized or received like every other person that return home with a trophy.

“The competition was titled “Malibu World Dance Champion” and out of the 600 participating countries I came 3rd despite the technicalities of the judges to rig me out, the trophy is still in my custody till date, I am very disappointed the way I was treated, I was not allowed to harness the best in me to encourage other youths. I invented a lot of dance steps in Nigeria and all over the world, what I did in London the Macdonald took it to ozone shrink Japan including my dance style.

I am also a crazy calypso singer and I have also won the best artist of the year award in 1996 in Tunisia, in 1989 I released my first album titled ” Mr Vendor” it’s still selling all over the world,
I have sung in Bamako Mali with Allen Case, Baba man, Youssou N’Dour, Alpha blondy, Sally Skater and many others.

In 2021 i returned to Nigeria to meet my family, and to start up a new project that can encourage young talented Nigerians that wants to venture into entertainment or creative dance, currently am organizing a national dancing competition, the kick off was held at Aba on 17th September 2023, whereas on 29th October we will be holding it here in Owerri at Blaze bar Nekede, the aim of the program is to motivate young talents, am not a politician, though i have made effort to get sponsorship from government and cooperate companies, for now am organizing the competition alone with some friends, we want to harness young talents all over the country, the winner of the competition will go home with a car and cash price.

“Imo State entertainment industry is lagging behind, we need people who have foresight to come into the industry to help groom the young ones, everybody must not be a lawyer or doctor, through dancing I went round the world and I believe someone else can still do even better than I did, since I was born I have never smoked or drink alcohol, hence doing drugs or internet fraud is not the best, most youths indulge in crime because they are idle, we need people to encourage this young ones to reduce crime in the society”, he concluded.

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