A philanthropist, high Chief Justine Awurum says he will invest more in developing his community, Amaimo Ancient kingdom this year.

This he said he will do by setting aside a certain percentage of the profits accrued from his business ventures for this purpose.

He made this known during an interaction with newsmen in his country home in Amachara Amaimo, in Ikeduru Local Government Area, Imo State.

High Chief Awurum who is the Chief Executive Officer of Okwelle Foundation said his decision was informed as a way of contributing to Development of community.

He said he has given Scholarships across all levels of some indigent students in Amaimo community and beyond.

In addition to that he has empowered some young people and women by giving financial support to some market women and 36 shuttle buses to the young people in his community and by extension to some of his relations in Mbaise his maternal home.

According to him, he has installed solar lights in every nook and cranny of his community which he said he copied from abroad where he based.

High chief Awurum said his foundation, Okwelle Foundation is maintaining the bad spot at Inyishi bridge which has turned armed robbery spot on that road.

High Chief Justine Awurum, who is the traditional Prime minister of his community, Amaimo Ancient kingdom also bought a car and refurbished the Palace of the traditional Ruler of Amaimo Ancient Kingdom Eze Godwin Nwaeboh.

The CEO of Okwelle Foundation revealed he sponsored the ongoing Amaimo Unity Cup that ended on 7th of this Month with about seven million naira including the players jersey and other requirements and added the competition is being officiated by the Imo state sports Council.

On whether his deeds were for political gains, he explained that what spur his philanthropic nature was his poor background he found himself while growing up and the Religious Community he passed through as he would have been a Catholic priest.

In appreciation to his servics, the entire Amaimo clan comprising of four Autonomous communities gave him an Award of “Pillar of Support for Community development”.

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