By Izunna Okafor, Awka

Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo has denied vowing to oppress and suppress members of the State House of Assembly who do not belong to the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

Governor Soludo disclosed this while reacting to a video currently trending on the social media, which features him as vowing to oppress state legislators who will emerge from other political parties other than APGA, and ensure that they only go home with their salaries and nothing more.

The video also quoted the Governor as saying he won’t give non-APGA legislators listening ears or grant any request or appeal tabled by them.

The Governor, who reacted through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Christian Aburime, dismissed the video as heavily-doctored, and which, he said, the opposition cooked up to incite ndị Anambra against the Governor Soludo and APGA and to score some cheap political points, especially in the heat of the forthcoming House of Assembly election in the state, which is just few days away.

While advising members of the public to disregard the video, the Press Secretary said Governor Soludo is a Democrat and does not discriminate.

“Soludo is a Democrat, and is very ready to work with every House member, irrespective of the political parties they belong to, provided they are duly elected by ndị Anambra,” he said.

Similarly, the Governor’s Spokesman dismissed another trending video, where a former Commissioner in the state made some anti-APGA comments.

According to Aburime, the video is an old video, which some mischief makers recently exhumed and started circulating on the social media, to ruin the Party’s integrity.

He said the video was shot when the Commissioner in question felt he was treated unfairly and left APGA; but also explained that the Commissioner has since returned to APGA, while mischief makers have just recently begun to trend the video.

It was also gathered that the Commissioner himself, Dr. Christian Madubuko has issued a similar reaction on the video, in which he described it as old; while also calling on ndị Anambra to massively support APGA in the March 18 gubernatorial and House of Assembly election

He said: “Ndi Anambra, the trending video of myself, Dr. Christian Madubuko is an old video. It was borne out of maltreatment meted to me.

However, the present Government has done justice to the matter. I am now fully back to the APGA family.

“I urge our people to disregard whatever that may have led to making the video and join hands in rebuilding our state. We have no other State to call our own except Anambra. I equally urge our people to support the Government and vote massively for all APGA House of Assembly candidates in the coming national election slated for 18 March 2023.

“I am optimistic that the Government will do better and improve more on infrastructural development across the State if APGA wins majority seats in the House of Assembly Elections. I solicit that we forget the past, let us together make history in the coming election.”

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