Executive Director, Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW), Dr. Leo Igwe has decried the high rate of witch persecution, ritual attacks and other forms of superstition in Nigeria, and therefore called for an end to these crimes or the law takes its full course on the accusers.
Dr Igwe who spoke with newsmen in Owerri, recently, informed that AfAW educates and enlightens accusers of witchcraft, who often rely on flimsy excuses to unleash mayhem on their fellow human being.
He also explained that AfAW protects and empowers victims of the crime to use provisions of the law that criminalizes witchcraft accusations, noting that the organization, mostly consider relocating victims to safer environment and provision of funds for medical bills to treat injuries sustained during beatings.
He recalled the case in Orlu where an indigene of the area was accused of tying another’s destiny, and consequently the victim was disgraced and beaten to a pulp, but the organization waded into the matter and relocated the victim who regrettably died later this year.
While urging members of the public to desist from witch persecution, ritual attacks and other superstitious beliefs, Dr. Igwe informed that the organization has contact persons across the nation and enjoined the public to spare no effort at reporting such human rights abuses.

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