His grace; open your eyes to see my heart. In that regard, this movement is beyond religion; our movement is also beyond ethnicity. Just like prosperity is universal, developments in Imo State will also touch every facet of the society. But I must never take the support of our people for granted.

“Mrs Ekomaru no doubt will add value to this ticket. I know the women in Imo State are celebrating her choice. I know the academic community are satisfied that she will complement the ticket and today with what I have witnessed in this hallowed Cathedral; the support of the Anglican Church is assured, for I know, you will not abandon your own. My Brethren in Christ, above every human effort, one cannot succeed without the endorsement of God Himself. Consequently, I ask the Body of Christ to pray fervently for the success and victory of our ticket.

“As many of us are aware, the evil ones are gathering. – They are gathering to truncate the good works we have been doing; but as it is written in the scriptures, they surely will gather but against the work of God, they shall scatter. I promise today as always, that I will continue to serve Imo people with the fear of God. My administration will continue to be transparent and accountable. What we have achieved in the first tenure will be doubled in the second tenure. I will never  – I will never disappoint the people of Imo State. I will remain true to my oath of office and allegiance. Imo State shall continue to prosper under my watch and I want to thank you the leadership of the Church  – Anglican Communion; for the support you have given to my government in the past and also pray for the support you will continue to give to my government. 

“There is no government anywhere in the world operating practically in Christian dominated society that will do better without the Church. So as long as my government is here to offer this Thanksgiving to Almighty God; Government has a responsibility to partner with the Church and the Church have a responsibility to reciprocate to the good deeds and support of the government to them. You cannot do it alone. The Church will serve the people and the government will serve the people and together united we will serve the people better.”

Earlier in her thank you remarks, Lady Ekomaru expressed gratitude to the Church and to the Governor and promised not to disappoint the expectations of the Governor and that of Imo people.

She said that by her nomination all Imo people are now more united than ever and that the three zones of the State will vote and return the Governor come  November 11, 2023.

She thanked the Governor and the Church and noted that by the thanksgiving the Governorship campaign has been handed over to God.

Also in his appreciation remarks, Elder statesman, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu thanked the Governor for the choice of Lady Ekomaru whom he described as “good and right candidate for the job and a great honour to the Anglican Communion.”

Iwuanyanwu added that he sees in Governor Uzodimma a man that radiates love, honesty and sincerity. 

He told the Church that the constitution provides for eight years tenure and that it is only someone who is bad that is limited to only four years. When he asked the Church if Governor Uzodimma is bad, he got a thunderous “NO”!!!

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