A Non Governmental Organization, Jamie Pajoel International (JPI) will sponsor no fewer than 27 Imo State youths to this year’s International leadership conference in Rwanda.

The 4th edition of the JPI Annual Leadership Conference will be held on 17th-20th of August 2023 at Marriot Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda.

JPI annual Leadership conference was last year held in Owerri the Imo state capital, where lots of awards were presented to Nigerian youths who were outstanding in their contributions to the development of our state and nation at large in their various industries.

With years of ground-breaking experience, Jamie Pajoel International has become a globally recognized NGO with operations in Canada and Nigeria. Jamie Pajoel International is a registered organization under the government of Nigeria and Canada to serve as a platform for human capital development.

In 2018, the Organization through the founder received the State of Michigan Leadership Award in the United States of America and President Bill Clinton’s recognition in the United States of America. As an international Organization, Jamie Pajoel International has hosted as well as participated in Leadership programs at Johns Hopkins University; Carey Business School, Baltimore, Maryland; African Union Headquarters, Ethiopia; U.S Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria and World Bank Summit, Washington DC, U.S.A

It is exciting to note that Africa is increasingly taking its place on the global stage as a continent with so many opportunities. However, there is still a loud absence of a social contract between The continent and The people.

This is as a result of critical challenges, particularly the need to create a significant number of jobs for the continent’s booming population, and the need to build strong and vibrant systems for home-grown business leaders who will be able to access global markets and drive growth in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

In response to these challenges, the conference will incorporate case studies in addressing ineffective Business practices in Africa, access to funding, and provide best practices building sustainable systems that contributes to the grow the continent, transform it into one of the choicest globally and improves standard of living.

The first edition of JPI ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE was hosted in the United States of America while the second edition was hosted in 2019 in the city of Owerri, Imo State with a total number of 1000 delegates across the South-East.

The third edition of JPI ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, 2022 also was hosted in the city of Owerri, Imo State with a total number of 3000 delegates across Nigeria.

This year, JPI will be selecting 27 Imo Youths delegates from 27 LGA’s to travel to Rwanda for JPI ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, 2023 Sponsored by JAMIE PAJOEL INTERNATIONAL
The 27 selected delegates will receive full sponsorship which includes flight ticket, feeding and hotel reservation.

JPI ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2023 aims to engage participants from different African Countries within and outside of Rwanda. This includes young African Entrepreneurs in Tech, Education, Tourism, Real estate and construction, Health, Hospitality, Transportation, Agro-Processing, Media, Energy and Manufacturing.

The conference will invite as speakers, distinguished personalities and successful Business Billionaires with requisite experience and pedigree required to drive constructive discussion on the subject matter-Built -To- Last.

We acknowledge your desire for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Nation Building and it is on this note that we invite you as a Delegate to attend the JPI Annual Leadership Conference, 2023.

To register, visit www.Jamiepajoelinternational.org/rwanda

It is the deepest heart desire of JAMIE PAJOEL INTERNATIONAL that this years annual Leadership conference will raise leaders who will make their individual states, our great nation Nigeria and Africa at large proud!

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