Labour Party Presidential Committee Chairman, Special Duties, Dr. Emeka Mandela has said that the party’s presidential standard bearer, Mr. Peter Obi is the only candidate that is not a thief, when compared among those jostling for the position.

Mandela who stated this during Labour Party stakeholders meeting at Inyishi in Ikeduru Council Area of Imo State, also stressed that Peter Obi had declared in many public fora should anybody indict him of stealing public fund as a former Governor of Anambra State, he would withdraw from the presidential race. A claim, Mandela noted, is yet to be contradicted by anybody.

The Special Duties Chairman hinted that Obi remains the best candidate for the nation’s top job and said all hands should be on deck towards making Obi’s presidency a reality.

Mandela, a former presidential hopeful informed that Peter Obi had while campaigning in the Northern parts of the country, walked on the streets with Northerners hailing and chanting; “Peter Obi Nigeria”, describing it as a true demonstration of love and an uncommon feat.

He claimed that those contesting the same position with Peter Obi have all woefully failed integrity test due to their age-long deceit, corruption and crass incompetence they displayed while serving the public.

Mandela hinted that Nigeria as currently constituted is an unjust and suffocating system and boasted that Peter Obi is the only person with ideas to bring back the country to an economic giant under some good governance.

“In the seven and a half years of the Buhari government, more Nigerians have fallen into poverty and human suffering than ever before. The most painful is that Buhari government doesn’t borrow for investment in capital projects or production, but for consumption and to pay salaries. Our people are unhappy and in urgent need of salvation”, Mandela lamented while declaring that the Labour Party presidential candidate will help to promote happiness in the land and place Nigeria positively on the global map.

He urged Nigerians to participate in the forthcoming polls as a people in dire need of a good nation, so as to save the country from further collapse.

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