Senator Osita Izunaso, marks one year in office as the Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District. His representation has been characterized by significant achievements in legislative duties and advocacy, community development projects and programs, and economic reform. This report provides a detailed account of his accomplishments, programs, and contributions over the past twelve months. 

*Legislative Achievements:*

The 10th Senate in her bid to play a major role in resuscitating the Nigerian economy unanimously agreed at the top management level to thrust the capital market and Institutions on the shoulders of Senator Osita Izunaso.

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Capital Market and Institutions, Senator Izunaso has played a pivotal role through sponsored legislations in shaping policies that strengthen Nigeria’s financial markets and boost investor confidence. Example is his motion on the ‘Need to Investigate the Foreign Exchange Backlog Accumulation, The Recent Recent Activities of Foreign Exchange Market as Well as Some of the Development Finance Programs of the CBN from 2015 to date’ which gave the government the legal backing to swing into action.

He has consistently raised issues affecting his constituents on the Senate floor, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed. His advocacy has resulted in the allocation of resources for the reclamation and implementation of policies beneficial to Imo West.

Number of Bills: 5

Motions: 11

Petitions: 2

Senator Izunaso has been instrumental in the passage of key bills aimed at enhancing the regulatory framework of the capital market. These reforms have focused on improving transparency, protecting investors, and fostering market stability.


In keeping to his campaign promise to restore lasting security in Imo West, Imo State and the entire South East, Senator Izunaso mustered the courage to approach the government for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom the Supreme Court faulted the process of his arrest. He went further and sponsored a motion seeking for the political solution in the case, and the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – as a way to end “the destructive sit-at-home” in the South East.

*Public-Private Partnerships:*

Under his leadership/representation, the Capital Market committee has facilitated several public-private partnerships aimed at infrastructure development and economic growth. These partnerships have attracted both local and international investments, contributing to Nigeria’s economic revival.

*Economic Development Initiatives:*

Senator Izunaso’s commitment to economic development is evident through various initiatives aimed at stimulating growth and creating jobs within Imo West and beyond.

The programs/Initiatives are as follows:

*Entrepreneurship Support:*

He launched Kpakpando Credit Shore Loan Scheme to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This program has provided financial assistance, mentorship, and training to budding entrepreneurs, helping to create sustainable businesses and employment opportunities.

*Agricultural Development:*

Recently, Senator Izunaso trained over a hundred youths and women in Advanced Cassava Processing and empowered them with machines and start-up capital of one hundred thousand naira (100,000.00) each. Further, recognizing the potential of agriculture as a driver of economic growth, he has made huge investment in agricultural sector through direct sponsorship of local agribusinesses as well as attracting federal government’s support. These projects include providing farmers with access to modern farming techniques, improved seeds, and financial support/resources.

*Infrastructure Projects:*

Pending the funding of all the projects attracted to Imo West Senatorial District, Senator Izunaso started and completed two skills acquisition centres in Akokwa and Urualla, with huge investment in other infrastructural development projects across the twelve LGAs. Also, he has been at the forefront of advocating for infrastructure development in Imo West. Projects such as road construction, electrification, and water supply have significantly improved the quality of life for his constituents.


Through his good works and networks, he has attracted employment to a sizable number of constituents in the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) – while many more are being processed.

3. *Community Development and Welfare:*

Senator Izunaso’s commitment to his constituents extends beyond economic initiatives to include social welfare and community development.

*Educational Program/Support:*

Recently, Senator Izunaso awarded University Scholarship to two hundred intending students of Imo West Senatorial District. Also, through his Kpakpando education foundation, he has implemented other forms of scholarship programs for deserving students; thereby, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder educational pursuits for anyone in his Senatorial District. Further, he has facilitated the rehabilitation, equipping, and construction of schools to provide conducive learning environment for his constituents.

*Healthcare Initiatives:*

Senator Izunaso has championed healthcare initiatives, including the establishment of Kpakpando medical outreach program, targeting less privileged constituents (widows, widowers, youths and aged)through the provision of medical supplies to existing local health centers, and building/rehabilitation of dilapidated healthcare centres. These efforts have improved access to quality healthcare services in the region.

Social Welfare Programs:

In response to the socio-economic challenges faced by his constituents, Senator Izunaso has launched various social welfare programs. These include the distribution of one thousand, two hundred bags of rice and other essential items during festive seasons as support for vulnerable groups – such as the elderly and people with disabilities.

*International Engagements:*

Senator Izunaso has represented Nigeria in various international fora, fostering relationships that bring investment and developmental aid to the country. He was elected by his colleagues to represent Nigeria in the ECOWAS Parliament. His most recent trip to America where he met with selected international development partners and potential investors have positioned Nigeria as a favorable investment destination in the global arena.

4. *Transparency:*

Senator Izunaso has prioritized transparency  in his dealings, ensuring that his actions are aligned with the highest ethical standards.

*Stakeholder Engagement:*

Senator Izunaso has maintained an open line of communication with his constituents – regularly providing updates on his activities and achievements through various mediums. Stakeholder meetings and constituency feedback mechanisms have been integral to his approach.

In conclusion, Senator Osita Izunaso’s first twelve months in office as senator representing Imo West Senatorial District has been marked by significant achievements in legislative reform, economic development, community welfare, and effective representation. His commitment to improving the lives of his constituents and fostering national growth is commendable. He exemplifies effective and efficient representation through his legislative acumen, active constituency engagement, commitment to economic empowerment, focus on social welfare, and unwavering dedication to transparency and accountability. His holistic approach to governance and deep connection with his constituents set a benchmark for what it means to serve with distinction. Therefore, as an archetypal example of effective and efficient representation, Senator Izunaso continues to inspire confidence and trust, making a tangible difference in the lives of those he serves. As he continues to serve, it is anticipated that his efforts will yield even greater dividends for Imo West and Nigeria as a whole.

*Hon. David Nwaenyi* (Ugwudịnanwa)

Senior Legislative Aide (SLA),

Office of Sen. Osita Izunaso, OFR (Kpakpando Orlu).

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