By Stanley Okehie

A spiritual hermit and natural scientist, Dr. Benjamin Onwukwe has called for investigation into the killing of Mr. John Patrick Akinolo, a security man at Shiva Shidhi Fellowship International Center, located at the Imemuruoche River Bank, Umuogu, Amuzi in Aboh Mbaise Council Area of Imo State.

Dr. Onwukwe also lamented the destruction of the Worship Center that has investments worth over N200million by some alleged security operatives.

Briefing Newsmen at the new NUJ Press Center, New Owerri, weekend, Dr. Onwukwe informed that the center has investments in trado medical industries, aqua farms, api farms, pilgrimage, vegetable farms, cassava farms etc.

He hinted that the center also provides employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled employees and has largely maintained a track record of sanity, tranquility and environmental harmony with members of the host community.

Onwukwe wondered why some men alleged to be security operatives should invade the center in a commando style and not only damage the investments therein, but also took the life of Patrick Akinolo, security man at the center.  

He described Akinolo’s death as a violation of constitutional right to life, guaranteed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) and prayed that those behind the dastardly act be brought to book.

“…this act of injustice caused to nature and to us in the center must certainly be redressed. If not today, tomorrow. If not by man, by God. So we know”, Dr. Onwukwe concluded.

Dr. Onwukwe hails from Umundukwe Kindred in Umunwaneri, Umuogu, Amuzi Nwenkwo Autonomous Community in Aboh Mbaise L.G.A.

He is well grounded in African traditional medicines and the Ayurvedic sciences of the Indian ancient healing system.

He knows a lot about tropical herbs and their economic uses.

At Shiva Shidhi Fellowship International Center, Dr. Onwukwe offers spiritual lectures, workshops, mediation, prayers and healings and dissemination of the holy books as divinely inspired.

He had developed a product scale of about 60 curative remedies, healing the sick all over the federation of Nigeria.

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