Human Rights Committee of NBA Owerri branch was able to carry out the statutory duties according to the terms of the reference of the committee. The committee adopted common values and approaches that help to resolve tensions, violence and  create security and stability in our dear State.

The committee established a weekly Human Rights Legal Clinic every Monday from 10am – 2pm where we interacted with petitioners and respondents. We explored inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral collaboration with FIDA, NAPTIP, Ministry of Women Affairs, Imo State Committee on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls, Legal Aid, ONURUBE Foundation, CSOs, and other NGOs. We were able to reconcile estranged relationships, re-united families, children recovered and re-united with their mothers and families through Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism while some cases beyond the powers of the committee were referred to the appropriate places and such cases are pending before the courts of competent jurisdiction and these cases are being handled by our lawyers on pro bono bases.

To strengthen our commitment to ensure zero tolerance to violence against persons and to achieve our mandate, we produced Petition boxes, kept them at strategic positions namely the High Court Premises, Magistrate Court, Maria Assumpta  Cathedral Church  Owerri, CATOL as well as the Federal University Teaching Hospital Owerri  (Former FMC). 


The committee was able to open links with media houses such as Ozisa FM, Orient FM, Darling FM etc and the members were invited for Radio and Television programmes severally. We held interactive session every Thursday at Ozisa FM from 2pm-4pm to ensure access to information by victims and survivors of Human Rights violation. Regular Radio Interviews (Phone-in) on Know Your Rights and the existence of VAPP Law in Imo State mostly on GBV/FGM.


The mandatory monthly visit and inspection of police stations and other places of detention by the Chief Magistrate in collaboration with the Human Rights Committee was regularly carried out, though the fragile security of the nation was most times a challenge.


The International Human Rights Day Celebration was held on the 10th Day of December, 2022 and on the 9th Day of December 2023 respectively:

The International Human Rights Day of 2022 and 2023 were laudably celebrated in Imo State, used to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address Global Problems and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. The World has embraced International Human Rights Day as a powerful advocacy tool and NBA Owerri Branch Human Rights Committee in collaboration with FIDA Imo State, Ministry of Women Affairs, National Human Rights Commission, NAPTIP, ONURUBE NWANNE Foundation, the CSOs in Imo State and other NGOs, participated and actively too. We also visited schools in collaboration with College of Girl Guides to educate them on their rights to say no to sexual violence and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The opportunity was also explored to remind the Government that all Human Rights are equally important, and all government must treat Human Rights in a fair and equal manner, on the same footing and with same emphasis. The state has a duty, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems, to promote and protect all Human Rights for everyone without discrimination, as every human being has the same inalienable rights. This means human rights are the same for every man, woman and child across the world. There can be no distinction of any kind: including race, colour, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, language, religion, political or any other opinion, national or social origin of fortune, of the birth or any other situation. “UNIVERSAL MEANS EVERYONE AND EVERYWHERE”.


We were nominated for the accolade truly deserved by some International and National Organizations who confirmed our eligibility for the awards. They were recognition awards to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the members of Human Rights Committee and same were received by the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee on behalf of the NBA Owerri Branch Human Rights Committee.

I wish to state unequivocally that, I enjoyed working with all indefatigable members of this committee. The industry they exhibited in carrying out their respective roles to ensure our success story is commendable and highly appreciated. I consider it as an honour done to me and it will never be taken for granted. To all the members of this branch, My Primary Constituency, Ministry of Justice and our distinct delectable Attorney General C.O.C Akaolisa, distinguished SANS, most esteemed Seniors and adorable colleagues, thank you for your kind words, prayers and donations. I will tell you for free that your unflinching support and encouragement contributed greatly to our outstanding success story.

To the 2022-2024 Exco members ably led by D.U Alinnor Esq., thank you for providing a conducive platform to function, it really made our work seamless.

Every beginning has an end. And every end is a new beginning and our latter days shall be greater than our former days! The moments we shared and memories we made under this administration will be a picture I treasure for life. I wish you all the best because you deserve nothing less.

Finally, I thank my dear awesome husband, friend, a pillar of inestimable value, Dr. Emma Chuddy Emukah and our lovely children and grandchildren, my mother, siblings, inlaws, friends and well wishers for their love, patience, encouragement, support, prayers, understanding throughout the period  of this arduous task of defending the rights of the defenceless.

Our labour of love shall never go unrewarded and may the ALMIGHTY GOD satisfy us with heavenly splendour IJN. AMEN.


Chairman NBA Owerri Human Rights Committee

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