The Advocacy for Alleged Witches(AfAW) led by Leo Igwe, urges the Benue state government to ensure that Mr. Paul Akor who forced some children to eat their poo is brought to justice.

This call has become necessary following concerns by the mother of the children that Paul may escape punishment.

On Sunday, April 9, 2023. Mr. Akor, an administrative staff at the Federal Polytechnic Gboko forced a 5-year-old boy, Anongo, to eat his faeces.

This revulsive incident took place at the industrial layout, in Bamba, Modern Market area in Makurdi.

Anongo is one of three children.
Paul and the parents have been disputing some land within the family premises.

Family sources told the AfAW, this boy pooed on this disputed piece of land. And Mr. Akor saw him; he assaulted and manhandled the boy, using his face to rob the faeces and forcing some of the poo into the mouth.

Family members said this was not the first time that Paul had maltreated Anongo and the siblings.

Last year, Mr. Akor assaulted the boy’s sister threatening to make her eat her faeces if she tried to defecate on the disputed land.

The AfAW has been informed that sometime last year, Paul caught Ananga’s brother defecating on the land and subjected him to the same ill-treatment. He forced him to eat his poo. When the mother tried to intervene, Paul beat her and she fell to the ground.

The AfAW understands that the case is before a court in Makurdi.

Paul has denied abusing and maltreating the children.

The mother of the children is concerned that Mr. Akor would use his connections to evade justice.

The AfAW sources in Makurdi have spoken to the children and their mother who confirmed this ugly and disgusting treatment.

The AfAW asks the Benue state government to ensure that justice is done; that Paul Akor is brought to book.

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