Candidate for Orlu State Constituency in the just concluded State House of Assembly election, Dr Mrs Justina Ekene Akwuaka-Akwaja has urged the people of Orlu, fans and supporters to remain calm following the outcome of the poll.

She however, promised to reclaim the mandate given to her during the election by the good people of Orlu Constituency in court.

Akwaja, who contested on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) disclosed this to newsmen in Owerri, Tuesday.

According to the female politician, “March 18th election was mercilessly rigged in Orlu.”

She lampooned the electoral umpire for colluding with the ruling All Progressives Congress to declare the party’s candidate, Ikenna Ihezue, as the winner of Orlu State Assembly seat, in an election, Akwaja revealed, was rigged and marred by irregularities and vote buying.

“So many areas where there was no election currently have results and I wonder why some of our respected personalities will be part of this fraud just to protect personal interest against the people’s interest”, Akwaja lamented.

She also described the victory of APC in the 26 LGAs so far declared in Imo as a charade and wondered why INEC should serve as a willing tool, to impose candidates on Imo people.

“No woman in the House of Assembly and no Minority Leader. Does this mean that there will be no female representation in this 10th assembly, to at least, ensure the rights of the girl child, women and our youths, reasonably taken care of, with all the motherly love we have to bring to the table, as the glue that keeps the family and society together. What kind of 10th Assembly are we looking forward to? Does this represent the affirmative stance of the current State Governor who has time without number upheld openly the place of the Imo woman in politics and leadership?”, Akwaja queried.

She equally commended Ndi Orlu for their trust in her, leading to the massive votes she garnered at the polls but were unfortunately, hugely manipulated by INEC in favour of the APC candidate.

“I want to commend Ndi Orlu for their trust in me and I call on everyone especially our disappointed women and youths to remain calm as God Almighty will fight this battle for the liberation of the soul of Orlu State Constituency. I will not dissappoint you.”

Dr Akwaja reiterated her uncommon legislative capacity and willingness to explore many windows of opportunities for Ndi Orlu, empower youths and women and make Orlu State Constituency great again within four years in office.

“I am poised to harness our environmental opportunities, educate our children, empower our youths and women, rebuild and equip our healthcare systems and educational facilities, strengthen our institutions and make Orlu State Constituency great again and Ala Orlu will rejoice as our indefatigable youths and women will once again have a good reason to trust governance in Igboland”, Dr. Akwaja concluded.

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