Labour Party Committee Chairman, Special Duties, Dr. Emeka Mandela has described the presidential candidate of the party, Mr. Peter Obi as the only solution to the myriads of problems bedevilling the nation.

He therefore, urged Nigerians to vote for Labour Party in the February 25 and March 11 elections, assuring that Peter Obi, when elected will fix the country which, he said, is today in the brinks of collapse.

The Special Duties Chairman, who spoke in Owerri, the Imo State capital, weekend, hinted that it is very unlikely that either APC or PDP can get the nation out of the present mess, which promises to get worse before it could get better.

He argued that what this moment calls, is a change of attitude, not the sloganeering of “share the money” or “change”.

Mandela, a former presidential hopeful on the platform of National Rescue Movement, affirmed that Nigerians cannot and will not hand the soul of the nation back to the anti-democratic agents whose stock in trade is to loot and re-loot the people’s patrimony while watching them lavish in agony, pain and deprivation.

He regretted that in this present government, many public officials push through their private agenda using public funds and facilities, reason, Mandela said, ravaging poverty and hunger have become the lot of many Nigerians.

Dr. Mandela revealed that the Labour Party government will plug every loophole of corruption, and assured that citizens will no longer face four more years of leadership of the corrupt and the reprobate after February 25.

“We cannot just sit down lamenting and wringing our hands desperately and hopelessly, the rape of Nigeria and Nigerians is sure to continue except the people stand up to be counted, and the time is now”, Mandela said while urging Nigerians to use their PVC wisely in the February and March polls.

He promised that Labour Party regime will build massive infrastructure across Nigeria, grow the internal revenue, ensure revolution in Agriculture and add serious values to Power generation among other good things.

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