A top contender for Aboh Mbaise-Ngor Okpala Federal House of Representatives on the platform of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), High Chief Vincent Levi has said that 2023 will present another opportunity for Nigerians to make a change from old to new.
Chief Levi who stated this weekend, during a chat with Newsmen, hinted that the old Nigeria kept universities closed, made roads death-traps, turned hospitals into death zones even as doctors leave the country in droves in search of greener pastures.
He added that it was based on these, that the people of Aboh Mbaise-Ngor Okpala federal constituency agreed to send him to represent them at the Federal House of Representatives in 2023.
“I know that it is not by power and might, but by His grace and His grace is already sufficient, and we are going to move by that grace to make sure we deliver a new Nigeria that works for everybody”, Chief Levi stated.
On his party, PRP, Chief Levi said it is the oldest political party in Nigeria, founded by Aminu Kanu who was one of the founding fathers of Nigerian democracy.
“Except people have lost sense of history, PRP is the most formidable political party Nigerians should embrace because it was founded on truth and justice. It is a party that care so much for the downtrodden, less privileged and the masses”, he intoned.
The House of Representatives hopeful described other political parties, majorly PDP and APC as platforms of gangsters that is designed to monopolise every instrument of capital to make profit from the rest of Nigerians.
He said that other parties have brought about bad politics that have dwindled everything about Nigeria including making the country a pariah nation, laughing stock and poverty capital of the world.
Chief Levi advised Nigerians not to resign their fate on the so-called big parties that have destroyed the nation.
According to him, “the problem of Nigeria is properly planned by the political elite to keep the rest of us in perpetual darkness. There is need for one to jump out and to ensure that right persons are in leadership positions in 2023. We need a Nigeria that will benefit everybody. I want to encourage us to ensure that the chances 2023 will present do not dissipate. We need to invoke the spirit of Aminu Kanu, Zik and Awolowo, the people that meant well for this country so as to stop all these plunderers and gangsters in 2023”, Chief Levi declared.
He urged Aboh Mbaise-Ngor Okpala constituents to expect so much from him, promising not to let them down, as according to him, prosperity, peace and justice will return once he emerges.

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