The South East geo political zone has been crying of sheer marginalization particularly in leading Nigeria politically. The anomaly against the most populated and most resourceful region started lingering in 1967.

Judging from the fact that Nigeria is standing on a tripod stand which is being controlled mainly by three dominant ethnic groups viz Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo.

Hausa/Fulani had had their turn in ruling the country, same applies to the Yoruba while the Igbo is yet to become president. The issue of marginalizing Igbo had led to the issue of agitation for self determination.

Obviously, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

On the issue of equity and fairness as concerns Orlu, Orsu and Oru East Federal Constituency Seat, Oru East should be allowed to be at the Green Chambers of the national Assembly.

When the country returned back to democratic rule in 1999, the Constituency was represented by Hon. Cajetan Dike (Ikemba, Oru East) from 1999-2003. In 2003, the mantle of leadership changed and shifted to Orsu Local Government Area with Hon. Jeff Ojinika being at the mantle from 2003-2007.

At the end of Ojinika’s tenure (4 year tenure), then leadership shifted to Orlu Local Government Area in the person of Hon. Mayor Eze, from 2007-2011.

From the above analysis, the three Local Government Areas that make up the Federal Constituency have had their turns.

In 2011, power moved back to Orsu with Hon. Jerry Alagbaoso being at the helms of affairs. That is, from 2011 till date. He is the long serving Rep Member in the constituency.

Going by the principles of equity and fairness, the pendulum this time around should go to Oru East Local Government Area, based on the fact that it is now 20 years that a representative came from that local government area.

It is the turn of Oru East to represent Orlu, Orsu and Oru East Federal Constituency based on equity and fairness.

Nigerians are clamouring for positive change of leadership and moving away from gerontocracy. Against this backdrop, electorate from Orlu, Orsu and Oru East Federal Constituency should look inwards on who to vote in to represent them.

Madu Ikechukwu Vincent (Orlando), the House of Representative candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) is fit, qualified and well positioned to represent the good people of Orlu, Orsu and Oru East in the House of Representatives in order to give them quality, purposeful driven representation to change ugly narratives.

Orlando, as he is fondly called, is the best candidate to represent the constituency, looking at his antecedents. He is young, vibrant, wise, versatile, kind, meek, godly, pragmatic and academically sound as testified by the beneficiaries of his humanitarian foundation (Orlando Cares).

Ndi Orlu, Orsu and Oru East, please, shine your eyes. Vote leaders with probity who are devoted to lift their people to greater heights. Vote leaders with empathy and concern for the masses, community and the society.

Again, in 1993, Nigeria experienced the freest and fairest election in the annals of its history, won by MKO Abiola, the SDP Presidential Candidate, but was annulled. Many voted for Abiola not because of his party, but because of his person and his political sagacity.

Time is ripe for the people of Orlu, Orsu and Oru East to take their destiny in their hands by voting a credible candidate, Madu Vincent Orlando.

This is the right time for the people of Orlu, Orsu, Oru East to remedy most of the misfortunes and ridicules of failure caused by past leadership. The clamoured Renaissance can only be achieved when we put a round peg in a round hole.

We cannot because of petty ethno-religious sentiments or blinded party loyalty vote in a visionless candidate (bench warmer) and thereafter turn ourselves into prayer warriors asking God to come down to our aid and perform miracles. Ndi Orlu, Orsu Oru East, shine your eyes. Any mistake we make now will haunt us till the next four years. If you want your voice to be heard at the Green Chambers, you should go for a man who will give you quality, progressive and effective representation and that man is Madu Ikechukwu Vincent Orlando.

Orlando has promised to render to the people focused, competent and selfless representation. The eating of the food is in the taste, let us give him a trial.

Orlando is obviously the best candidate, perfectly fit to represent the good people of Orlu, Orsu and Oru East Federal Constituency. He is a of his word. He does not know how to tell lies nor disappoint people. He is simply good.

Vote for SDP, vote for Orlando, vote for positive change, employment, peace, comfort and social security.

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