The Southeast Zone of the Electricity Consumers of Nigeria (ECAN) has issued a warning against “fly-by-night” activists, advising the public to be wary of them because “they are not committed to the common good but to their own pockets”.

In a strongly worded statement in Enugu today signed by the ECAN zonal chairman, Engr Joe Ubani, and the secretary, Comrade Chris Okpara, the association accused a commissioner in the immediate past Abia State government (name withheld) of leading a band of four persons to attempt to incite the people against the new Alex Oti government under the guise of being electricity activists.

“This tiny clique of disgruntled and discredited politicians in Abia State has no record of honest public service, let alone altruistic civic engagement”, they declared.

“They are emergency actavists, not activists, who have neither personal nor professional reputation to protect.

“No one knows any of them in the highly and rarefied electricity sector which is going through a turbulent period all over Nigeria, perhaps more than any sector in Nigeria”.

ECAN said that the politicians who worked with Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu are unhappy that the Oti administration has endeared itself to the Abia people since coming into office last May 29 with its people-oriented actions and programmes.

The leaders of the electricity consumers association remarked that the new government’s impressive strides in road development in particular irk these revisionists and wannabe activists because their leader headed the Ministry of Works with absolutely nothing to show for it except heaps of garbage on roads and streets of Aba, Umuahia and elsewhere.

Noting that Abia would never return to what it called the PDP governance nightmare, ECAN expressed optimism that Abia would witness a new and unprecedented phase in rapid development “once the Geometric Power group starts one of its three turbines in the Osisioma Industrial Layout in Aba which will produce 47 megawatts each”.

The association disclosed that in readiness for the proper takeoff of Aba Power which will make the foremost industrial city in the Southeast the first place in the country to experience uninterrupted, reliable, safe, and affordable public power supply, both big foreign and local companies like Nemeith Pharmaceuticals plc are moving their manufacturing operations to Aba.

They added: “Not only will multinationals like Nigerian Breweries plc produce more in Aba, such history-changing mega projects like Enyimba Economic City, a joint venture between Nigerian business leaders and their Chinese counterparts designed to reproduce world-class cities like Dubai in Abia State, will succeed more than earlier envisaged because of the support they will get from Aba Power.

“Modern cities with modern infrastructure like the speed train and a competitive seaport run on efficient electricity.

“The mega projects are coming to Aba because of the impending takeoff of Aba Power”.

ECAN commended the Abia people for ignoring the former commissioner and his clique.

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